Captain Jaggery In True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle

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How can a Captain and a father possibly be alike? In the book True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, Charlotte compares her father to Captain Jaggery. Throughout the book her feelings for both her father and Captain Jaggery change. They can go to be alike to being the complete opposite to being alike again. Charlotte often compares Captain Jaggery to Mr. Doyle. In the beginning of the story, Mr. Doyle, and Captain Jaggery are similar because they both want the same thing. Captain Jaggery wants to maintain order on the Seahawk. For example, “ Without order there is chaos. Chais on shipboard is sailing without a rudder.” This proves that Captain Jaggery likes to keep order on his ship, he feels as if there is no way you can do the job without having proper balance. Mr. Doyle is very similar to Captain Jaggery. He wants to maintain order in Charlotte’s life. For example, “My father, an ardent believer in regulatory in order, decided it would be better if I finished out my school term rather…show more content…
She kept telling Jaggery that her father would approve of her. When Charlotte finally reaches Rhode Island, she realizes that her father is not like what she thought. He reacted to her ways the exact way Captain Jaggery did. For example, “Somehow you teachers there filled your mind with the unfortunate capacity to invent the most outlandish, not to say unnatural tales.” This proves that Mr. Doyle doesn’t approve of Charlotte’s behavior. He even told her not to tell anyone about her time of the Seahawk and to make sure no one read her journal, he threw it in the fireplace. For example “ You are forbidden - forbidden - to talk about you voyage to your brother and sister.” This proves that Mr. Doyle didn’t want anyone to know about the voyage. About how she did those unnatural things. Mr. Doyle did not turn out to be the person she thought he would
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