Captain James Cook Archetype

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An archetype is a character or person that cares our stereotypical traits, looks, and values as the others in that same archetype. The explorer archetype includes people that like new ideas and new ways to experience life. The idea of creating, discovering, and learning new ideas is what drives explorers. The passion of traveling is leaving the old behind to start a new can not be a random plan There has to be a true want, and at risk to be able to take a chance at finding new places.To get out of normal life, and find a new way to live or to reach a destination point, no matter what obstacles that are in their pathway.
Explorers are the reason that people know so much of this whole world. If there were not people that would risk their life
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As a teenager, he worked on a farm with his father, until he was offered a job by a ship owner. At this new job, Cook was able to explore the sea and the ships, as this would help him be an explorer. Cook joined the British Navy and later became ship’s master rank. Cook starting traveling soon after being a part of the Royal Navy in the Seven Years War. Cook went on to his first scientific expedition in 1768. He then traveled to Australia, New Zealand, and the Great Barrier Reef, the most dangerous area to navigate a ship at the time. Once Cook returned to England, he was quickly sent back out to explore Antarctica. On this Antarctic expedition, he charted many new islands such as present-day Tonga, Easter Island, New Caledonia, the South Sandwich Islands, South Georgia, and the improvement of Terra Australis. Cook named the Hawaiian islands, The Sandwich Islands, after the Earl of Sandwich, also known as John Montagu. Captain Cook was very successful on most expeditions, he fought off the deadly disease, scurvy found many new islands, and ideas. Captain James Cook died on February 14, 1779, in Kealakekua, Hawaii. Captain James Cook will always be known as a great explorer, as many believe that he has filled the map more than any other explorer. Captain James Cook was a wise, selfless and persistent leader of exploration. Cook, through his job at the port, was able to learn more about the ocean, ships,…show more content…
Explorers have to think of others in all that they do. Explorers can not give up and be persistent. Through exploring and creating new ideas explorers become wise and use this knowledge for the good of the world. Sacagawea has shown greatness through being selfless and giving anything possible to the others in the crew rather than herself and her son. Edmund Hillary never gave up, even as a kid being bullied, he never lost sight of his dreams. Captain James Cook used his wisdom to navigate the most dangerous parts of the world and find many different islands for the world to see. Explorers succeed in many different ways through their life, but all have the qualities of selflessness, perseverance, and have enough wisdom to navigate their different terrains, and
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