Captain Jones: The Spectral Ship

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The Spectral Ship Captain Jones, unable to fall asleep, walks out onto the deck of his warship and lites his pipe. Jones, the hard-faced 35 year old captain of the HMS Defiance, is a brilliant but cautious tactician and is quickly climbing up the ranks of the Royal Navy through his courageous acts. His only downfall as captain is that he overlooks small details due to the informal training since he was a commoner. Thus, whenever he improvises he is thwarted by the overlooked details. The Defiance, en-route towards Boston, was deployed to help stomp out the rebellious colonists. “Something just doesn 't feel right about tonight.” He mutters to himself as he attempts to peer through the foggy night air for any abnormalities. After failing to…show more content…
Si vis pacem, para bellum!" His words are answered with the swish of rope swings as the undead warriors, armed with swords, begin boarding the Defiance. At first, his crew fires their muskets at the skeletons, but quickly finds out that the smooth-bore musket is not accurate enough to hit the bones of the skeletons. Then Jones’ first mate, Harwal, notices that the bayonets on the rifles are harms the skeletons so he orders the crew to fight with blades rather than firearms. Harwal, able to work from impulse, is in charge during the heat of battle. The well trained veteran crew quickly dispatch the skeletal boarding crew and begin to board the Vida. The crew gets caught off guard when the dead skeletons reanimate and hit the crew of the Defiance from behind. Seeing this, Jones recognizes that the skeletons can only be temporarily put out of action. He comes to the conclusion that it is only a matter of time before his crew gets overwhelmed by the continuous onslaught of Reyes’ skeletal crew. Unable to come up with a good plan, Jones orders his crew to retreat back onto the Defiance so that they do not fight on two fronts. He summons Harwal and the lookout, and orders the two men to follow him in an attempt to kill…show more content…
They advance toward him. Harwal swings his sword. Then, his sword glances off harmlessly as if there is an invisible shield around Reyes. “Ha, ha, ha!” Reyes laughs as he pulls out a white pendant with six glowing rubies. He explains that his pendant will protect him from all human weapons. Jones, without any thought, shoots the pendant with his amethyst adorned blunderbuss that he confiscated from an alleged wizard. The amethyst glows purple as the bullet cuts through the pendant and into the chest of Reyes, killing him instantly. The pendant shatters into a million pieces as the fog clears and the Vida fades away along with her crew. With nowhere to stand, the three British soldiers plunged into the cold sea water. The three men flail about in the water trying to stay afloat as their mates on the Defiance frantically find ways to save them. Captain Jones yells at his crew to grab the rope coiled at side of the ship and toss one end at him. Unfortunately, the rope is nowhere to be found. He then improvises and instructs his crew to throw an empty crate that was used to hold cannon balls. The three men climb into the crate while the rest of the crew hoists them back onto the

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