Captain Logan Dialectical Journal

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Its 1832 and Tom is at Moreton Bay prison for his crime of stealing a loaf of bread and was serving two years in prison. Captain Logan, was a short-tempered and angry man who was in charge of Moreton Bay prison. He was of average build with dark black hair and matching dark brown eyes. Tom, on the other hand was a skinny fellow with long brown hair and bright blue eyes. He was great mates with all the other inmates and would regale them with his stories. Tom has heard lots of rumours about Captain Logan’s behaviour towards his fellow inmates but wasn’t certain of the extent of the truth to these rumours. On the day in question, Tom is starting to get more and more annoyed by Captain Logan’s actions. He is being beaten by Captain Logan many, many times with the cat of nine tails. Tom tries not to flinch or scream out, but the pain being inflicted is excruciating, so he begins to think to himself ‘what would happen if I killed Captain Logan?’ As Captain Logan raises the cat of nine tails above his head, preparing to inflict another lash on Tom’s already bleeding back, Tom turns around with such force that he knocks the Captain out, then out of sheer anger, he grabs the cat of nine tails and starts lashing at the Captain with unimaginable force. Tom is unaware that he has been being watched by his fellow inmates until he hears Everyone’s cheers and seeing them jumping for joy. As Tom punches his fist in the air, the prison…show more content…
As Tom awaited his trial he finally got called in front of the Judge. The Judge delivered his verdict, Tom would have to endure another 10 years with no hope of parole. He decides it was worth it as he taught that mean ass Captain a lesson. As Tom left the room he had a huge smirk on his face because he was happy for what he did. Tom didn’t care that he had been given 10 more excruciating years in prison because he thought that the Captain deserved to
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