Captain Of Industry: John D. Rockefeller

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These men were captains of industry because they all donated money. One way Rockefeller bestowed a portion of his money away was by giving “millions of dollars to a variety of causes.” In the reading it quotes, “In 1919 Rockefeller donated $50,000,000 to the Board to raise academic Salaries.” This quote demonstrates that John D. Rockefeller was not an awful guy and cared for other people. In addition, it later says in the reading it that he also donated money for religion and medical purposes. Another piece of evidence that shows these men are Captain of Industry was in the Eastman reading when it states, “He supported dental clinics for children who could not afford treatment.” Instead of keeping the money for himself to produce extra money, he decided to donate it to the unfortunate who couldn’t afford to receive treatments from dental clinics. …show more content…

The third piece of evidence is a quote from the Morgan reading when it claims, “He donated paintings, sculpture, and tapestries to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.” The reader might infer from this quote that Morgan must have been a painter because it says he donated paintings and sculptures. Furthermore, back then if someone painted something, they could sell it. We can infer the Morgan was an admirable man because instead of keeping everything for himself, he gave it away. Thus, these were marvelous men. Lots of people might have the opinion of calling them Robber Barons but to others, they all had a decent heart inside pointing them to be a Captain of

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