Captain Paulchaz Conspiracy

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Captain Paulchaz was a career officer working palace security under General Budo. He knew the Empire was going downhill fast since the previous Emperor had died. The struggle for succession had been brutal and costly. Initially, Paulchaz had supported the rightful, most qualified, heir. After losing that heir to an assassin, the young captain tied his fate to following General Budo. General Budo was a man of integrity who made it clear the Empire was his first concern and that he would faithfully serve the next Emperor to the best of his considerable ability. It came to pass that Emperor gained the Empire through the vicious machinations of Prime Minister Honest. Honest 's murderous political maneuvering had resulted in the only men of integrity…show more content…
Waking the Prime Minister in the middle of the night with urgent pleas that he must accompany an officer of the Palace Guard quickly and quietly to get him to safety was simple enough. The moment the twisted puppeteer opened the door, he was bathed in a beam of intense light and whisked away to the Phantom Zone. Paulchaz then immediately headed back to his quarters and slept until dawn. In the following days carefully fanned rumors spread that the missing prime minister had abandoned his post to seek dark powers and eventually return to claim the Empire for himself and feast upon the child emperor 's flesh. Paulchaz did everything in his ability to ensure General Budo 's would be the most trusted and relied upon the reach pliable young emperor 's ear. Everything ran smoothly in the beginning. The part of him that was Captain Paulchaz rejoiced at the suffering and damage that he was able to spare the empire he had dedicated his life to serving. The Jumper side of him felt quite smug about the ability to casually manipulate kingdoms and was scheming on how to quell or even incorporate elements the rebellion to secure a prosperous future well after he was
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