Captain Phillips: A True American Hero

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Captain Richard Phillips is a American sailor who is captain of the Maersk Alabama that was attacked in 2009. It was attacked by Somali pirates off the coast of Africa and captain Phillips and his crew all survived it all. In 2010 a movie came out about the story of Captain Phillips . Captain Phillips was born on May 16, 1955 in Massachusetts. Captain Phillips has a big family that consists of a wife, son, daughter, father, four sisters, and three brothers. After the unfortunate incident with the Somali pirates Captain Phillips is back to what he does best, sailing the sea happily in the ocean with his crew. Captain Phillips is an American hero because he overcame obstacles in the darkest time of his life, saved his crew from the pirates, and is brave.(Talty Stephan 1)

Captain Richard Phillips overcame
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Captain Phillips tried to defend the boat from the pirates every way possible to stop them from getting on the boat and he defended while they were on the boat also. He did every protocol he needed to do to keep the pirates from boarding but failed. When the pirates boarded he let his crew down below deck to save them while he faced the pirates like a hero. He locked down everything letting his crew be away from the pirates. Captain Phillips also tried to save his crew by acting like the ship was broken and that there were no more people on board, but the pirates did not believe him. He eventually led the invading pirates away from the Maersk Alabama by getting into the life boat leading them away from his crew saving their lives. The life boat was a small escape boat that was orange and was on the boat in case of an emergency on the Maersk Alabama. He spent five days there before being saved by the navy. Captain Richard Phillips is a great role model and American hero that saves
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