Captain Preston Massacre

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BREAKING NEWS from the colonies, last night on March 5, 1770 at the Customs House an altercation between the British Troops and the colonists began, causing the deaths of 5 colonists. Yet, the colonists are no angels, what was supposed to be a small demonstration against the British turned deadly. The colonists are said to have provoked officers, by throwing stones, snowballs, and sticks at them. The history of the Boston, Massachusetts colonists and the British Troops is not good all. This is because ever since the British Troops were placed in the colony to enforce the Townshend Acts, the colonists have been on edge, but the peace has been kept until now. There are of course many versions of this story, coming from both the colonists and…show more content…
During the trial, Captain Thomas Preston offered his account of the massacre. Captain Preston recalls the commotion outside of the Customs House. He says that there were unlawful threats being said to the British officers. He also says that some colonists brought clubs and other weapons, to be used to execute British officers. The officer felt that the colonists were indeed going to kill him, and so Captain Thomas Preston supposedly gave orders to the eight other officers to open fire into the crowd. Thus, killing the 5 Boston colonists on March 5, 1770. Captain Thomas Preston was tried separately from the other troops involved, after their request for a joint trial was denied. During his trial Captain Preston, denies giving the soldiers, orders to fire into the crowd. Having three witnesses complying with his statement, saying that he said no such thing, but this was counterattacked when four witnesses from the prosecution, deny the statement and saying that Captain Thomas Preston did give the order to shoot into the crowd. One of the four prosecution witnesses, Daniel Craig, gives an detailed description of the officer he heard give orders to fire into the…show more content…
Saying they were the only two soldiers who were clearly proven to fire into the crowd. So on December 14, the two came in for a second trial, for their sentencing. During the trial, they were asked why they should not be put to death. They plead “the benefit of clergy” and instead were branded on the thumbs, to be forever reminded of that day. Mr. Samuel Adams cousin of the defense attorney during the trial Mr. John Adams, expressed is dismay of the decision. While Mr. John Adams says he was very pleased on the
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