Captain Relish Corrupts

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Murder and Genetics The crime: A violent thunderstorm was releasing its fury on the night of July 16, 1996. At this time Captain Relish was hosting a dinner party for many of his acquaintances at his home. Captain Relish, a mysterious man, was just released for prison and now possessed a new name. He decided to have a celebration party and invited people he had been associated with prior to going to prison. 7:00 PM: Captain Relish escorted Norma Nanny, Theresa Thyme, Fred Flickstone, Sam Stubs, Glen Glendora, and his attorney Leegal Beegle to the dinner table. Although the guests didn’t know it, each one’s life was somehow affected by Relish. 7:30 PM: The host and guests sat down to a dinner of French onion soup, fresh garden salad,…show more content…
They were also able to lift partial fingerprints from the knife handle. In addition, a small speck of blood and skin tissue was found on Relish’s diamond earring. Police think the perpetrator may have scrapped his hand when driving the knife home. The lab report is enclosed along with important information about all the Captain’s dinner guests. It will be necessary for you to complete some of the lab tests. Once you have gathered all of the evidence, you, the lead investigator out of the District Attorney’s office must determine who the killer was and establish his/her motive for the murder of Captain Relish, a.k.a. ??? Background checks of all the possible suspects Teresa Thyme: Thomas Mustard returned home from the Viet Nam war and married his high school sweetheart, June Basil. The couple had three children: Thomas Jr., Kathy, and Dominic. At the age of 18, Tomas Jr. changed his name to Thomas Sandstone and ran away from home. Thomas was never heard from again. Kathy married Jerry Thyme, and Dominic married Susan Spice. Kathy had a miscarriage after two years of trying to have a child. Undaunted, they tried again, and this time were blessed with…show more content…
There has been no incidence of Huntington’s Chorea or Marfans Syndrome in the family. Fred Flickstone: Joe Granite (type AB blood), an infantryman from the Viet Nam war, met Sarah Sand in the V.A. hospital after he returned from the war. Sarah, a very tall woman with B blood, marred Joe. Their first child died during labor due to an unforeseen complication. After two years of severe depression, the couple tried again and this time they had identical twin girls: Joan and June (Joan had type B blood). Sadly, Sarah died when her aorta burst during delivery. Later it was determined that she had Marfan syndrome. June married a man named Thomas Sandstone. Thomas and June had two children: Peebles and Fred (a tall, slender, double jointed individual). In a bizarre love triangle, Thomas killed Joan and Peebles. Embarrassed by his father’s actions, Fred changed his name to Fleckstone. Fred was later engaged to Teresa Thyme. Sam Stubs: Jimmy Butts (AB blood) and his wife Rita (B blood) had four children: Tina (B blood), Tawnya (A blood), Susan (A blood), and Tony (AB blood). Tina and Tawnya became nuns while Tony died in a bizarre gardening accident (after he marred and had children). Susan married Steve Stubs, and older man with B

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