Descriptive Essay: To Kill A Girl

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You listen intently, wanting to care, but unsure what to do. Tracy is sweet and charming and her sincerity and situation are overwhelming. By the end of the evening, the poor girl is practically in tears. 
“I don’t know what we’re going to do. We are poor and have nothing.”
Pussy starved and pussy whipped man that you are, you blurt out, “I can help you.”
This is the most inappropriate response a man with any balls could possibly give. Sure, you feel the chemistry and there is definitely something magical happening. That magical feeling is known as lust and desperation. You have contracted the Captain Save-a-Ho syndrome. Even if a woman in this sort of situation is genuine, why would you give her your hard earned money? She is a stranger…show more content…
The Golden Rule: Do not get emotionally involved with a prostitute.
If you ever begin to feel your prostitute of the day is different, run, hide, ask a friend to smack you over the head, do whatever you can to distance yourself from her. She may actually like you, but the odds are that she needs money more and for her at least, money and family take precedence over her immediate feelings. Without delay, change bars, change women, and move on to the next woman. Letting yourself get emotionally involved to the point where you’re making promises and opening your wallet for more than what you’d pay her for a night of passion.
A man falls madly in love with a bar girl, then goes through all the trouble of bringing her back to his home country. This in itself is a pain. He brings her back, tells his friends he met her in a Pattaya brothel, and their respect for him plummets in as long as it takes him to tell them. 
Maybe it doesn’t matter–-but it should.
Everything is hunky dory at first. He is certain he has found the woman of his dreams. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and the entire family like her; she genuinely cares about you (so you think) and she is a sweet, caring, loving young lady. One evening, you take her to a family gathering. Predictably, everyone loves her. The drinks flow freely and everyone is having a great time. The next thing…show more content…
They may give you a girlfriend experience (GFE) but they are not prostituting themselves because you’re handsome – although you may be - they’re doing so because they’re willing to sell their time and bodies for much needed income. This brings us to the golden rule; do not get emotionally involved with a working girl. You wouldn’t do so back home and it’s no different elsewhere.
The prostitute knows the interaction is a business transaction. If given the chance, the more intelligent women turn the transaction into a pseudo love affair, thus maximizing their potential, long-term earnings. Customers know this too, however, the line between game and reality is all too often blurred. When what is supposed to be a casual engagement becomes love, pseudo or otherwise, problems occur.
There are women who act as if they are above being a prostitute. You meet them in places like the Hard Rock Café, Rivas, Spassos, at RCA. They play it off as if they are just girls out for a good time, and they very well might be, but the truth is they are putting on a front. if you happen to get lucky, in the morning they have their hand out for taxi fare. This in itself isn’t a bad thing, after all, giving them cab fare is a gentlemanly thing to do after you’ve gotten to know her inside and out. Cab fare is only a couple of baht though; if they ask for a few thousand baht, you can be certain they are “on the game.” Decent women
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