Captain Smith Research Paper

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To begin, Captain Smith did not fulfill all his duties as commander of the biggest ship in the world. Captain Smith was honored to be in command of such a historic journey, but this definitely caused some arrogance in his behavior and caused him to ignore the constant messages the crew and radio operators gave. While various iceberg warnings were continually arriving in the radio room, Captain Smith was off at fancy dinners and leading church services around the ship. In fact, Captain Smith’s negligence to his job caused him only receive a few of the 7 iceberg alerts. When the captain was told of these warnings, his pride took over. The radio room operators were constantly receiving new updates on the icebergs, but whenever they took them up to the Captain, he arrogantly gave the reports a cold-shouldered goodbye and instructed to hang these warnings where the crew could see them.…show more content…
The captain also knew the ship was sinkable, contrary to what many had believed before the Titanic 's first voyage. While the passengers were under the impression nothing on planet Earth could sink the ginormous ocean liner, Captain Smith was fully aware that there was a slim possibility the Titanic was capable of sinking. In order for the Titanic to sink, more than four of its water tight compartments under the deck had to fill up with water. Since the compartments were watertight, Captain Smith figured only a catastrophic blow to the ship would cause the compartments to
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