Captain Stanhope In Journey's End

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English Homework Q. How do you think Sherriff makes this (Pg 55 – 57) a gripping moment in the play? Support your ideas with details from the text. A. The scene which takes place with Hibbert and Stanhope conversing and discussing Hibbert’s neuralgia is undoubtedly the tensest moment of the entire play. Being a book solely about war, “Journey’s End” seems like a book that would have many such tense scenes, but there are very few such scenes. The book focuses more on the life of the soldiers and the relationship that all of them share, than the war itself. Captain Stanhope is the protagonist in Journey 's End. Stanhope is introduced in the first act. He is not only an important character from then on, but also from much before his actual entrance. His personality, leadership qualities and friendliness seem to impress everyone beyond measure. As a person, Stanhope can be considered dominating and intimidating. Stanhope is a great leader, due to which he can already be called a war veteran. He has experience in commanding and makes right decisions often. Being organized is also something projected in Stanhope 's character, which only adds to his overall meticulousness. Hibbert on the other hand is young and frightened. He lacks inner strength. He is a contrast to both Stanhope and Raleigh, allowing a deeper insight into Stanhope’s character. He is rather stereotypically described as a "small, slightly built man". He doesn’t easily fit in with the men. He tries to be
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