Captopril Nursing Case Study

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Captopril nursing considerations- assess for history of allergy to drug, angioedema, impaired renal function, CHF, salt or volume depletion, and pregnancy. Assess for lesions, turgor, BP, temperature, pulse, peripheral perfusion, mucous membranes, bowel sounds, liver evaluation, urinalysis, LFTs, renal function tests, CBC, and differential. Administer medication 1 hour before meals, monitor patient for drop in BP secondary to reduction in fluid volume. Reduce dosage in patients with impaired renal function. Patient teaching- take drug 1 hour before meals, do not take with food, do not stop taking medication without contacting your healthcare provider. This medication can cause a drop in BP so contact healthcare provider if lightheadedness or…show more content…
Assess skin color, lesions, edema; orientation, reflexes, hearing; pulses, baseline ECG, BP, orthostatic BP, perfusion; respiratory pattern, adventitious sounds; liver evaluation, bowel sounds; urinary output patterns; CBC, serum electrolytes (including calcium), blood sugar, LFTs, renal function tests, uric acid, urinalysis, and weight. Diuresis with water and electrolyte depletion can occur, medical supervision required. Reduce dosage if given with other antihypertensive, administer with food, give early in day, do not expose to light, do not mix parenteral solution with highly acidic solutions with pH below 3.5, discard diluted solution after 24 hours, refrigerate oral solution, do not use drug if discolored, measure and record weight. Monitor serum electrolytes, hydration, liver and renal function. Arrange potassium rich diet or supplemental potassium as needed. Patient teaching- Record intermittent therapy. When possible, take the drug early so increased urination will not disturb sleep. Take with food or meals to prevent GI upset. Weigh yourself on a regular basis, at the same time and in the same clothing, and record the weight on calendar. Blood glucose levels may become temporarily elevated in patients with diabetes after starting this drug. You may

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