Capulets Revealed In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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The play Romeo and Juliet is about two star-crossed lovers that go against their families’ hatred towards each other to be together. The families have a long-lasting feud because they aren’t the same. Romeo’s family are Montagues and Juliet’s family are Capulets. They are constantly fighting until the death of their children at the end of the play. Once Romeo and Juliet both died, the families agreed on ending the hate and acknowledging their losses. Romeo and Juliet’s death wasn’t what anyone expected. Before their death, Friar Lawrence had a plan for them. The plan was that the night of the wedding of Juliet and Paris, Juliet would drink a sleeping potion and act dead. She would be placed in a casket, but later on Friar John would send out…show more content…
Friar John explains to Friar Lawrence “Going to find a barefoot brother out, one of our order, to associate me, here in this city visiting the sick, and finding him, the searchers of the town, suspecting that we both were in a house where the infectious pestilence did reign, sealed up the doors and would not let us forth, so that my speed to Mantua there was stayed.” He explains he tries to find another friar to deliver the message but couldn’t because they were scared of spreading the infection. I believe Friar Lawrence is the most to blame for their deaths because he should have had a plan b if the original plan didn’t fall through... like it did. Although, Friar John was the one that was unable to deliver the message to Romeo successfully, he cannot be blamed. This should have been thought out step by step by Friar Lawrence. Success doesn’t just get handed to you. Success is achieved by working hard and thinking everything out. Every plan needs a backup, in case of failure. Not everything works out the way one expects it to. Failure is what makes you learn from your mistakes and leads you down the right path. Friar Lawrence should have had a backup
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