Car Rental Booking System Case Study

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2.1 Introduction This chapter we provides the literature review that related about the project development and to more specify about the project that have been done. The system that will create about the booking online of the car rental. The system have to actor that will use the system, there are the customer and the admin. This system will help to improve the company and increase their business. The system that will be created have this main criteria, can make the booking of the car and the view of the car availability. The system that will be create also easy to use and simple to make the booking not to complicated and suitable for the client needed. In this chapter also talk about the advantages and disadvantages with a few of example car…show more content…
Also for protect from the error of the system and not too many risk on it. Also have their own privacy policy (Park and Gretzel, 2008) 2.2.7 Performance The website system not have heavy to loads and run of the system. Suitable for all type operating system. (Hudson, 2008) 2.2.8 User Friendly Easy and not complicated that the customer use on it. Just make the simple and good functionality. (Varan et al & Razi et al, 2004) 2.3 Compares between existing car rental booking system. 2.3.1 KLezCar is the one of the biggest company in car rental industry that handle by bumiputra. The CEO of this company was named Amad Fuad Zainal Abidin. This company shows the only important thing in their systems that can be easy to customers understand and find the suitable car for their rental. Figure 2.1 shows the homepage of KLezCar graphical user interface. Figure 2.2 shows to choose the car after get the check the availability of car for customer. Figure 2.4 show the booking form for customer to get their reservation Table 2.1 Shows the criteria of KLez Car Rental website. Criteria KLez Car Rental Content -The content in the website just nice. -Easy to understand Structure And Navigation -The page easy to connect each…show more content…
2.6 The compares with other existing system. Table 2.5 shows the compares between existing and purpose system. Criteria KLezCar Imtra KSA Purpose system Security • High security • Moderate security • Low security • Moderate security interface • Simple and easy to understand • Full of information • crowded • Too simple • Information not complete • Simple • Friendly user Error handling • High of error handling • Low of error handling • Very low error of handling • Low of error handling The ordering form • Complete of form. • Just take the important things • Too simple and take the important things • Easy to complete and take the important things 2.7 Conclusion The website that be design by the user requirement and also easy for both user and admin to control and used that system. The system for booking also can include the booking form and can view the availability of car for customer reserved. The system also be simple and full of information that cannot make the customer bored and not attracted to rent the car. Although, the time given not enough to make the perfect

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