Car Wash Case Study

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Regional Market Info


Car Wash Market Boom (US)

The car wash sector has witnessed a boom in the recent five years up to 2015 as enhanced income encouraged people to splurge and in the next 5 years the graph line goes further high. Besides, the rule that ban car wash in residences and the expected increase in the vehicles in the US also contribute to the industry. The industry, which comprises self-service washing, takes care of maintenance such as waxing, washing and cleaning of cars, trailers, vans and trucks. The Auto Detailing and Car Wash industry excludes firms that maintain repair and change oil.


Go Green With Car Wash (South Africa)

Eco friendly car wash is the current trend in South Africa and hopes to conquer East Africa with the
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They started buying cars and took utmost care of it with modern car cleaning facilities. The traditional car wash market, owned by dominant foreign investment firms, saw the launch of new firms by the donjus. With reasonable pricing and attractive marketing techniques the new firms try to establish their ventures in the country.
Emergence of Auto Detailing Market (US)
The auto industry, being a fast developing one, the market of auto detailing in the US is supposed to be steady with revenue of 9 million dollar for the next five years. The GDP of the industry is supposed to see a rise from 2.5% to 3.2% in this duration.

Auto detailing involves restoration, finishing and cleaning of both interior and exterior of vehicles. According to reports this market develops very fast with exterior involving car painting having an edge over interior. Estimated 11.7 billion dollar revenue is supposed to be generated in place of the 8.7 million dollar by 2018 with the CAGR growth of 6.06%. The interior detailing such as car coolant is supposed to develop at 6.73% and likely to touch a gallon of 346.62 in
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