Swot Analysis Of Car Servicing

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Industry Description B&M focuses in the industry of car servicing, specifically car washing. Car washing have been important to car owners because who doesn’t want using a shiny and clean car every day. An automated carwash have been started by two Detroit men that it has become popular until now because it is convenient relatively low cost. There are categories when it comes in car washing a car, the following are self-service, exterior roll-over, exterior only, full service, and detail shop. Self-service uses pressure sprayer and a foaming brush, both are coin operating system. Exterior roll-over is an automated system where a car will go inside that and will perform car washing service to it through the equipment moving. Exterior only is like an exterior roll over to but the car is in neutral and passes by to different equipment with a specific cleaning task. Full service is also like exterior only system, the only difference is that the interior of the car is manually cleaned. Detail shop can either be manual wash or automated, it is polishing and cleaning the car by applying wax. UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEPARTMENT Key results Areas Car washing services have been popular since then so a lot of different…show more content…
You should have enough price in your business to cover all of your costs and to earn enough profit. The place that you will be putting your business you should have big space and the people there should prefer carwash business than cleaning it on their own. Big space is needed in running a carwash business and to make the customers feel comfortable. Unsure about the personality of the worker is one of the risks in putting up a carwash business because some customers are leaving their valuable things inside their cars so you should have an honest and trusted
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