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The Client: Carla Washburn Client Assessment Carla Washburn is a 74-year-old female. Her husband …has been married for 45 years before his death 10 years ago. Washburn is currently residing in Plainville…and has retired at the top paper mill that is currently in operation. Her son’s name is Jr and her grandson’s name is Jr Jr whom are currently deceased from actively serving their country. She currently lives alone and is reluctant of social services and agencies support. Issues She has Type II diabetes. Due to her compromised immune system, it is more likely that her injuries will take her longer to heal. Daily stressors and financial responsibilities may cause health concerns to take second priority. As a result, health issues may…show more content…
Washburn’s primary issue is her mental and physical health. According to Rogers, those adults in this stage of development usually suffer physically and cognitively due to the body aging. For example, bone and muscle mass declines, increased vision and hearing loss, and some declines in memory and…show more content…
Informing the client about available options regarding her health care, (Army) benefits, Medicare, food stamps, and how she is utilizing community resources. I would encourage that Mrs. Carla Washburn stay in contact with friends and family members to form supports that can assist her. She has very strong family values and spiritual guidance from her traditions. It is recommended that she find a home health provider or companion care resource that helps her with household tasks, transportation to doctor’s appointments, grocery stores, and church activities. Have a visiting nurse check in once a week to check how she is doing. I would encourage Ms. Washburn to find community legal aid that can offer low or no cost legal advice regarding her pension and survivor benefits through the Army. Suggesting that she volunteers at her local church or agencies that she may enjoy spending time outside of the home. Finally, utilizing available community resources to bring her housing up to

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