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Waterfront Homes, Golf Side Townhomes, and Beach Cottaages Available Along Carrabelle Beach 's Coast

The small coastal village of Carrabelle Beach is one of the last standing town 's in what was once the legendary Florida of old. The town is the perfect retreat for those who love coastal communities but without all of the crowds. In the small town of Carrabelle visitors are able to relax without all of the high rise developments and cookie cutter condos getting in the way of the perfect view. Carrabelle Beach is filled with river marshes, beautiful beaches, and an abundance of wildlife.

Things To Do
Outdoor Activities
Carrabelle offers visitors access to bountiful outdoor adventures. The small town allows visitors easy access to the
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Visitors are able to easily enjoy the white sand beaches of Carrabelle Beach. Additionally, visitors can ferry across the water to nearby Dog Island, a scenic coastal paradise. The beaches in and around Carrabelle beckon swimmers, fisherman, beachcombers, and snorkelers.

Natural Attractions - There are many wonderful natural attractions in and around Carrabelle Beach.

Tate 's Hell State Forest -
There are many local legends that surround the 202,500 acre wildlife area that is known today as Tate 's Hell. One local story even tells of a mysterious volcano that was said to live in the deeply forested swamp. Today, the marshes and forests of Tate 's Hell offer visitors outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking, and much more.

Frog Pond
One mile west of scenic coastal Highway 98, the Frog Pond is a favorite area for birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts. The pond is the convergence point for several creeks that flow into the lovely tidal pool.

Carrabelle Beach
The most popular beach in Carrabelle is the easily accessible Carrabelle Beach. Visitors to the area find that the beach 's convenient parking, beach facilities, and picnic tables are a wonderful asset to the small white-sand
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World 's Smallest Police Station -
One of Carrabelle 's most unique treasures is the Worlds Smallest Police Station, housed om U.S. Highway 98. Originally, during the early 1960 's, the small station was located at the corner of Highway 98 and Tallahassee Street. In 1963, the station was moved to its current location. Today, a replica of the original booth is on display on Highway 98, across from the Carrabelle Chamber of Commerce.

Weather in Carrabelle Beach is usually temperate. Even on the warmest days of summer visitors can usually catch a cool gulf breeze. Winter is a popular time for northern visitors. Winter days are sunny and the nights are brisk.

How To Get There
Carrabelle Beach is home to a full-service airport that is able to provide services for recreational flying and easy access to the area. Additionally, the coastal community is only a short 90-minute drive from Tallahassee 's international airport. Many visitors choose to enter the area by way of the scenic coastal Highway 98. The coastal highway runs along Florida 's Gulf Coast and is accessible by both private and

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