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Duty and Privacy as socio-cultural concepts in light of the Caramel movie In any society, there are certain concepts that guide how people conduct themselves. These concepts determine which relationships are formed, how they are maintained and when they are ended. There are certain duties that individuals have to carry as determined by the society they live in. For example, in most societies, it is the duty of the woman to take of the household and the children. Different cultures hold different principles when it comes to allocation of duties. In fact, duties go beyond the physical tasks that one has to perform and incorporates the emotional as well as the mental duties one must carry. Privacy is another socio-cultural concept that is of great importance in many cultures. This concept determines which information is made…show more content…
This film revolves around the lives of four women and the responsibilities they carry in the society. One is able to see which duties are assigned more importance in the Arab culture. From this film, it is clear that it is the duty of a woman to find a suitable man to marry them and raise a family with them. Although most of these women have experienced relationship problems, they continue to search for the perfect partner to suit their preferences. For example, Nisrine who is about to get married has had sexual contact with other men in the past. However, she is so worried about keeping her fiancé that she does not tell him this. It is clear that she values her relationship with him so much and she is willing to do anything possible to be in a successful marriage with him. Another important duty that women have to carry in the Arab culture is that of friendship. When one woman in the group is undergoing problems, all the others come to her rescue. They offer emotional support and help each other go through life’s challenges. It is a duty that they take up without any

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