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Carbamide Peroxide
Carbamide peroxide is a commonly used oxidizing agent that is present in a large number of teeth whitening products. The Carbamide peroxide is greatly recommended by most of the dentists all over the world because of its effective whitening formula.
In fact, it is a key ingredient in most of the professional dental teeth whiteners in-office and also in some of the at-home whitening treatments.
What is Carbamide Peroxide:
In the pure form carbamide peroxide is white in color and it can be either in a powder form or in the form of crystal.
It contains about 35% of hydrogen peroxide and chemically it is an ingredient which is water soluble.
The hydrogen peroxide is considered as the active ingredient in the carbamide peroxide.
What happens is that the peroxide involved in the whitening formula is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen,
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So, have a bright white smile, but try to be away of the side effects through using the recommended percentage of the whitening agent.
Why is Carbamide Peroxide used?
The main use of carbamide peroxide in teeth whitening products is to bring about the whitening effect, thereby, which in turn makes your teeth look whiter and brighter.
Actually, the peroxide compound exists in all the tooth whiteners in order to remove the stains and whiten the teeth once again. The process that happens is simply that the peroxide molecules breakdown into hydrogen peroxide and oxygen, then the whitening process starts to take place.
So, why not use directly hydrogen peroxide instead of using it through the breakdown of the carbamide peroxide?
Of course, in some cases, hydrogen peroxide is directly used, however, in most cases the carbamide peroxide is used in the process of teeth whitening, and this may be due to its stability more than the other used

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