Advantage And Disadvantages Of Coal-Fired Power Plant

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Numerous special technologies/l methods are offered for carbon capture as required by the clean coal concept:
• Pre combustion capture ; This includes feedstock gasification (for example coal) to form gas, which may be transfer to produce a Hydrogen and Carbon dioxide (rich gas mixture), from which the Carbon dioxide can be proficiently captured and divided, transported, and eventually sequestered, This technology is typically linked with Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle process.
• Post combustion capture ; This technology is related to capture Carbon dioxide in combustion processes from exhaust gases, usually using sorbents, membrane separations, solvents, or to remove CO2 from the massive gases.
• Oxy fuel combustion; fuels such
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Coal’s capacity to deliver power in climax power demand either as off-peak power or as base power is appreciated as a fuel for power plant. It is with this reality that highly developed coal fired power plants are proposed to maintain the grating system in avoiding…show more content…
With this enormous quantity of coal offered for use, coal fired plants can be fueled constantly in many coming years.
Known technologies; the use or production of coal as a fuel are much understood, and the required technology in producing coal is regularly advancing. Furthermore, techniques of coal mining are constantly improved to make sure that there is a stable supply of coal for the power and energy production.
Safety: Normally, coal fired plants are considered much safer than the nuclear power plants. Failure of a coal power plant is surely not expected to cause terrible events such as a nuclear render down would be. Moreover, the safety and efficiency of coal industry employees has significantly enhanced over the years. In fact, injuries, death and time lost have decreased considerably over the past years.
Disadvantage of coal for power plants
Greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions: It can’t be denied that coal results in dangerous byproducts from combustion process. These byproducts are basis for a lot of pollution and have significantly contribution in global warming. The augmented carbon emissions brought out by coal fired plants has lead to extra global warming which directly results in climate

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