Carbon Pollution Essay

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Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring greenhouse gas. This gas plays a major role in the growth of global warming. Because of increase in urbanization and industrialization, the emission of carbon dioxide increased which lead to the rise in the global warming.
In Martial environment, carbon dioxide is in the largest proportion around 95.9% which make it unable for the life. These days many researchers are working on the environment of mars. But because of the excess of carbon dioxide present in the environment it make difficult to stay for a long time. Carbon dioxide can be decomposed for the production of various useful compounds such as methane, oxygen and other different compounds.
There are several methods from which carbon dioxide can be converted into useful compounds. Carbon dioxide can be reduces to oxygen and other carbon compounds. The available for the reduction of carbon dioxide are direct thermal decomposition, photo-reduction, electrochemical reduction and photo-electrochemical reduction.
In direct thermal decomposition, it requires ultra high temperature around 3200-4600 K but yield is only 30%. The electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide is the conversion of carbon dioxide to more reduced chemical species electrical energy but in this reaction along with the reduction of carbon dioxide, oxidation of water also takes place photo-electrochemical reduction, a chemical process in which carbon dioxide is reduced to carbon monoxide or

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