Carbon Pollution

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As there has been a tremendous rise of atmospheric greenhouse gases, there is a threat to the climate which in turn shows the effect on the living creatures. To overcome these problems, some scientists these days are finding ways to scrub the key pollutant, carbon dioxide (CO2), right out of the air. The increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide has attracted international attention due to its impact on global climate. Countries below poverty line release much less atmospheric carbon compared to richer countries in the terms of industrial emissions. The Kyoto protocol was thus established to prevent further increase in atmospheric CO2. Therefore a post combustion capture technique can be employed to capture carbon from already existed and new power plants. There are various sources of CO2 emission, but the major source is power plants and hence the retention of carbon dioxide into aqueous potassium hydroxide solution using plate absorption column is a reliable method to reduce carbon emissions to an extent. The CO2 gas absorbs readily at room temperatures into potassium hydroxide solution. Potassium hydroxide gives 40% efficiency of removing CO2.This paper gives an overview of post combustion capture of chemical absorption by caustic potash(potassium hydroxide).
1 Introduction In many ways, carbon dioxide has been mischaracterized because of its association with greenhouses and global warming. But in fact carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas with many
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