Co2 Advantages And Disadvantages

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As there has been a tremendous rise of atmospheric greenhouse gases, there is a threat to the climate which in turn shows the effect on the living creatures. To overcome these problems, some scientists these days are finding ways to scrub the key pollutant, carbon dioxide (CO2), right out of the air. The increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide has attracted international attention due to its impact on global climate. Countries below poverty line release much less atmospheric carbon compared to richer countries in the terms of industrial emissions. The Kyoto protocol was thus established to prevent further increase in atmospheric CO2. Therefore a post combustion capture technique can be employed to capture carbon from already existed and new power plants. There are various
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The high pressure of co2 makes a capture artificially good. Disadvantages The crucial disadvantage of pre-combustion capture is that the technology can be used only in new power plants, as the capture process must be an integral part of the combustion process. On the off chance that any progression in the process fails, The plant might need to shut down. Plants might encounter nourish issues as well as corrosion due to snags. Furthermore, pre-combustion capture technology is not as advanced as post-combustion capture and is more expensive. Oxyfuel combustion In oxyfuel combustion, the combustion air is replaced by oxygen. Thus, the concentration of co2 in flue gas is increased by using pure or enriched oxygen (o2) instead of air for combustion, either in a boiler or in the gas turbine. In this approach oxygen will be produced by various methods such as cryogenic air
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