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AN INTRODUCTION TO THE VARIOUS CARBONATED SOFT DRINKS AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET Soft drinks, especially carbonated soft drinks are products of western culture. The first known instance of manufacture of carbonated soft drinks was in the year 1767 when the British scientist Joseph Priestley discovered a system of mixing carbon dioxide in water to prepare carbonated water. His invention was known as soda water and this invention was the founding stone for the proliferation of carbonated soft drinks in the world. A Swiss person, Johann H Schweppe founded the Schweppes company in the year 1783 in Geneva for selling carbonated water. He later relocated the business in 1792 to London. The mass production and widespread commercialization of carbonated soft drinks happened in the 1840s and…show more content…
Two 50-mL Burettes 10. Two Small funnels so that they fit into the burettes 11. Drop counter 12. LabPro unit 13. A Computer with pH electrode 14. One Magnetic stirrer with stir bar Safety Precautions to be observed while making the solutions: As the acids to be used in the experiments would be highly corrosive and acidic, adequate safety precautions need to be taken during the experiment. Gloves and protective goggles should be used during the entire duration of the experiment. Some of the ingredients such as Sodium Hydroxide is extremely caustic and may cause burns and corrosion to the hands. PREPARING THE SOLUTIONS: First the sodium hydroxide solution needs to be prepared for the experiment. 250 ml of 0.1 M NaOH solution needs to be prepared from the solid pellets of sodium hydroxide. This solution was prepared in a 250-mL volumetric flask using distilled water. The solution was made using the following method: i. The volumetric flask was approximately filled 75% full with distilled water through the funnel. ii. To the volumetric flask, sodium hydroxide pellets were added. iii. The cap/stopper was put on the mouth of the volumetric flask and the solution was gently

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