Odysseus Meets Carbouranium And Gets Enchanted Analysis

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BOOK IX.V5: Odysseus Meets Carbouranium and Gets Enchanted
“The vexing encounters we had with the Lotus Eaters and Polyphemus caused many of my men to grieve deeply for our dear comrades which we have lost. Though it made my men glad to have escaped death and live to tell of the tale one day.
“We carried on throughout the sea, many of the men 's spirit were absent from all the rowing since there was no wind to aid us. Nine whole days we had tackled such madness from Poseidon Earthshaker sea, yet now we see that our trauma had payed off.
“The temperature of the air dropped steadily surrounding the lower part of the ship. The serrated rocks reminded me of the jagged feet of a Cyclops; covered in a sluggish burnt seaweed color with a foul …show more content…

I boiled in rage at the arrogant mistress,
“How dare you not answer to me. I am Odysseus, son of Laertes and proud citizen of sunny Ithaca. My fame reaches all across the lands and I am known to the whole world. If you have any civility left in you speak up at once before I slay you in one blow. The woman stayed silent.
"I commanded my men to steer the ship into her direction, until I heard a strong feminine voice ringing through the air,
“No, Odysseus my beloved husband which I have longed for. Take my apologies for my disrespectful silence. I surely didn’t believe it was you after all these years but when I heard your rage, I sensed at once it was truly you. I never heard that rage before since you scolded me for not wanting you to go off too Troy. Do not belittle me for my actions but comfort me for not being able to see my lionheart of a husband for so long. Come sit with me upon these rocks and tell me of your great journey over these wicked …show more content…

The beauty of this contemptible witch wouldn’t blind me now. I am still struck back with revelation at how I fell for her conniving tricks but I was glad that Athena had shown me through truth throughout it all. I did not spare a single second in this area and commanded my men to steer the ship clear and move onwards. However, the dreaded Carbouranium projected her voice from all directions and

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