Carbs Lovers Diet Research Paper

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Do you love potatoes and rice? Are you addicted to pasta? If so, you might want to try the Carbs Lovers Diet. As its name suggests, this dietary plan encourages the consumption of carbs. Dieters can enjoy bananas, peanut butter, oatmeal, sandwiches, corn, and brown rice while losing weight.

What Are the Benefits?

This fat loss plan revolves around the concept of resistant starch. Corn, legumes, whole grains and other foods containing resistant starch increase satiety and curb hunger. Their calories are not entirely absorbed into your body. Research shows that eating foods high in resistant starch can lower post meal blood sugar by up to 38 percent compared to eating other types of carbs.

The Carb Lovers Diet can help you shed extra pounds and keep them off. The best part is that you can cook delicious meals, such as broiled banana on toast, chicken sausage pizza with fresh mozzarella, corn and feta muffins, oven baked potato chips, and pancakes. The carbs in these meals boost fat burning, curb cravings, and lower bad cholesterol.
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The key to success is to mix healthy foods with lentils, beans, whole pasta and other foods high in resistant starch. Dieters are allowed to eat only 1,200 calories per day in the first week, and 1,600 calories a day starting the next week. No foods are off limits.

What's the Downside?

Most meals and snacks require a lot of cooking, so this is not the best choice for busy individuals. The calorie limit might be too low for some people.

Who Will Benefit from the Carb Lovers Diet?

This weight loss plan is ideal for vegans, vegetarians, diabetics, and people with high cholesterol. It encourages regular exercise and allows a wide range of foods. The Carb Lovers Diet can help you slim down and keep your blood sugar levels within normal

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