Cardboard Sledding Narrative

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Sledding is remarkably fun in the winter, when you are careful. Cold, wet, and beautiful white snow, blankets small hills in my home of Indiana in the shivering December-February months. But venturesome cardboard sledding, in California at anytime of the year, is loads more fun in my experience. I was 9 years old, and my elder sister and I flew out to the west coast into a busy suburban city near the Golden Gate Bridge to see our relatives on our mother’s side. As you may know of, California is known for their golden rolling hills of tall tan grass and hovering-over-homes redwood trees. At that current time, I had new strengths and coming of age sparks with adventure. Quick insight on my extended family of aunts and older cousins, they are all often spunky and crazy.…show more content…
Ding-Dong Ditching, rolling down hills in huge smokey black colored tires, and toilet-papering my grandmas 3 story house, have in the past been energetic laugh-out-loud moments that I have to remember. So on this trip in particular, I learned what cardboard sledding was. My family had lived out in CA for many years, so they knew about all the ways you can have fun with hills. And cardboard sledding down long hills of dried grass, was one of them. In my little 9-year-old-mind, cardboard sledding would be so much fun. So one evening, at my aunt’s townhouse backyard in Petaluma, CA- my sister, my cousin, my other cousin and her husband, saw the opportunity to
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