Cardinal Pell Song

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Was it okay for Tim Minchin to have written ‘Come Home (Cardinal Pell)’?

Essentially this song is a protest song continually made news throughout the world but especially in Australia. The song has been written because of the resent court cases around the child sex abuses that have allegedly happened in mainly Victoria by a group of priests heavily involved in boys secondary schools. Tim Minchin has decided to focus on the fact that Australia’s Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church purportedly knew of the abusing’s but did not do anything to stop them. The Cardinal was then required to go to court however he was in Rome at the time and announced that he was too ill to travel back to Australia as Minchin repeatedly mentions, “Come home, Cardinal
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11mmcm commented on YouTube underneath Tim’s Music Video “Thanks Tim Minchin. Several of my family were sexually abused and bashed up when they tried to fight off the predator priests. Over 45years ago this occurred, it was reported to the church, they paid compensation and NOTHING happened to the priest!! These cover ups have gone on for years and to say Pell was not aware is absurd. Sometimes it takes comedy/comedians to shed the light and inform people with controversial topics and you've done well. This is about Pell's knowledge of child abuse and transferring Ridsdale and other pedo priests to other parishes when they were reported for sexual abuse, which just meant they had new kiddies to fiddle with. The fact that you are donating all funds from this song should show the masses that you are not 'cashing in' on this sensitive are using your public profile to correct horrendous injustices and allowing victims to face Pell in Rome. Sick or not Pell is hiding behind the church and should face the commission and victims and be accountable for all the lives he allowed to be destroyed by his cover ups. Onya Tim.” This just one example of the hundreds of comments expressing their gratitude for
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