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Cardio workouts at home

Cardio exercises is the abbreviation used for cardio. These are exercises that will help you increase your heart rate and keep it high for a certain period of time after you stop doing the exercise. These exercises can also be called aerobics. There are many benefits of cardio exercises. The first and most important is it helps strengthen the heart muscle and lungs. Weight loss is the main advantage of the day, and also maximizes the amount of oxygen that the body takes and also improves blood circulation. The body 's immune system is stimulated with these exercises. To do cardio exercises, you will not have to pay a lot of money. Do cardio exercises at home is certainly possible, you just need to lose a bit of time
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The first school of thought is the slow and steady cardio workout, when the term of Office is usually between 45 minutes and an hour. Low-intensity exercises are practiced and didn 't say anything else of fat and carbohydrates and help in the treatment of burns. The next school of thought is the high intensity cardio workout. This time of year is 20-30 minutes and are high-intensity cardio exercises. Lots of calories burned and accelerates the metabolism throughout the day. However, it is advisable to choose a cardio exercise depending on your state of health after consulting your doctor.

Cycling outside air or interior bicycle cycling is a great cardio workout. Will also protect your knees, and when full power is used on the legs, and at the same time will also increase the resistance during the burning many calories. The number of calories burned depends on how fast and how high endurance cycle that you ride a bike.

This is a great exercise to increase strength, and also protects the joints hurt from high-impact exercises. If you use guns while using the elliptical, the impact that I do is similar to skiing. If you are a runner and you want to run on the sidewalk of a break, then this is the year when you want to take. The number of calories burned by a person who weighs 145 pounds, after 30 minutes of training on the elliptical machine is about

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