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The first type of shock is Anaphylactic shock. Anaphylactic shock is caused by severe allergic reactions and can be life threatening. Typical symptoms of Anaphylactic shock are itching of the eyes, swallowing and breathing difficulties, abdominal pain, cramps, vomiting, diarrhea , hives, and angioedema. Common triggers include nuts, shellfish, dairy products, egg whites, sesame seeds, and wasp or bee stings. If someone is in anaphylactic shock call 911 and then administer an epinephrine auto injector if available. Next have the person lie on their back, loosen any tight clothing, cover them with a blanket, and don’t give them anything to drink. If the person starts vomiting or bleeding from the mouth turn the person on their side to prevent choking. If symptoms improve still seek emergency medical treatment because it is possible for symptoms to recur.…show more content…
Cardiogenic shock is caused when your heart cannot pump enough blood to meet your body 's needs. This is typically caused by a severe heart attack, but can also be caused by inflammation and infection in the heart. Cardiogenic shock signs and symptoms include rapid breathing, severe shortness of breath, sudden, rapid heartbeat, loss of consciousness, weak pulse, sweating, pale skin, cold hands or feet, and urinating less than normal or not at all. The risk of Cardiogenic shock increases if a person is; older, has a history of heart failure or heart attack, has blockages in several of the heart 's main arteries, and has diabetes or high blood pressure. Cardiogenic shock is usually diagnosed in a medical setting; therefore the first aid care is the same as general shock. Cardiogenic shock is life threatening so it is important that it is treated right

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