Cardiovascular Heart Informative Speech

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Every year over 600,000 Americans die of cardiovascular heart disease.1 That’s more than a fourth of annual American deaths! Not only does it affect Americans, this disease is the leading cause of death worldwide claiming almost 20 million lives annually.1 Who is the murderer behind all of these deaths? Well, we first need to imagine your circulatory system. Visualize the heart with its arteries and veins branching off in every direction providing life-sustaining molecules and nutrients to your body through your blood. Everything works perfectly in this environment until these oily plaques manifest and build up. This sticky matter can intensify so much it’ll block off your vital blood flow. As a result, people helplessly watch their loved ones fall victim to the detrimental reactions of strokes and heart attacks every day.2

More than a fourth of America’s population is affected by some type of cardiovascular disease.1 This, of course, means that we spend a heavy expenditure on this disease since it is such a big problem right? Wrong. We spend less than two billion dollars in funding research on cardiovascular disease.3 But our treatment of the disease costs five times as much.4 If we wish to help the millions dying worldwide from this single cause, we must improve our understanding and care of this disease a lot more.1

Our current medical treatment for this disease usually consists of your typical statin pills and vascular surgery. We have a broad range of methods to

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