Cardiovascular Lifestyle Research Paper

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Lifestyle it is a way of living of people, families, and societies. Lifestyle is expressed both in leisure and in labour activities. It explains way you eat food, your profession and your habits. Indeed, it has a big significance on our heath. Today more than 60% of worldwide deaths are related to cardiovascular diseases(heart diseases, CVD), cancer, respiratory diseases and diabetes; it is 36 million out of 57 million global deaths. [] World Health Organization defines that cardiovascular diseases take first place of deaths globally from sicknesses listed above. Cardiovascular diseases are a class of illnesses of the blood vessels and heart and they include: coronary heart,…show more content…
Firstly, it is very important to explain how smoking habit affect to our health and our heart. Generally, nicotine influents through the stimulation of the nervous system. Effect of this is heart rate, increasing blood pressure and cardiac output in the cardiovascular system. Acute effects of smoking resulted in stress on the cardiovascular system and increases in myocardial infarction and sudden death. [] Cigarettes exposes people to carbon monoxide. This chemical deprives person’s oxygen and triggers an appearance of plaque in arteries. As a sequence, they can block blood flow and cause a heart attack. This means the more you smoke the greater risk of a heart attack.…show more content…
Insulin is a hormone that splits carbohydrates in human’s body. Surplus of sugars brings an obesity. It is obvious that every day moving burdens hearts of obese and overweight people. Heart should work harder and provide all muscles and organs nutrition. [file:///C:/Users/Aydar/Desktop/Dia%20Care-2011-Hu-1249-57.pdf] There was a correlation between physical inactivity, smoking, and overweight. According to the statistics, in smokers, 27% were physically inactive and 62% were overweight, compared to 17% and 55% in non-smokers. Among physically inactive, 70% were smokers and 64% were overweight, compared to 56% and 58% in physically active. [] As an urbanization process is increasing, humanity could have problems with

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