Cardiovascular Physiology Personal Statement

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I was inspired to consider a career in cardiovascular physiology partly because my mother is a nurse and also because I enjoyed studying triple Science at school. I enjoyed the practical work undertaken as part of my GCSEs in the laboratory. I also have an interest in the Natural World and regularly watch documentaries on this subject. My enthusiasm for biology has led me to study Applied Science, including Forensic and Medical Sciences, at Chelmsford College, since 2014. This has enabled me to widen my knowledge of the scientific techniques available for forensic analysis. For example, I recently dissected a goat’s heart and made a detailed study of this organ. This increased my desire to devote myself to a career in cardiology. Since 2012, I have been voluntarily working with a cardiologist and several…show more content…
I have also developed my time management and team working skills and am aware that these are essential qualities for working in a medical field. My confidence in handling complex tasks has increased because I was supporting patients with chronic conditions, caused by the long term effects of smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity and drug abuse. I gained a holistic knowledge of how an individual’s lifestyle is related to these treatments. After I successfully completed my work experience, I attended a lecture on physiology courses which were available at several universities. This further convinced me to embark upon a physiology career. Consequently, I further researched the course modules available for each university and finally decided that I genuinely wanted to study cardiovascular physiology because of the potential contribution I could make within medicine. I have become increasingly aware of how cardiovascular physiology has an indispensable part to play in the comprehension and treatment of cardiac
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