Short Essay: The Effects Of Stress On The Cardiovascular System

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Effects of Stress on the Cardiovascular System
Cardiovascular System and Stress:
The Cardiovascular system known as the system in the body which circulates blood containing nutrients (oxygen and glucose) and waste substances (carbon dioxide and urea); this system is also responsible for circulating lymph (colourless fluid that contains white blood cells protecting organisms against disease). The cardiovascular system itself consists of the heart and blood vessels (arteries and veins), which pumps blood throughout the body. The heart itself is the variable pump consisting of striated cardiac tissue (dense arrangement of myosin and acting overlapping). Composed of 4 different compartments called the atria (right and left atrium) which are responsible for pumping blood into the ventricles at low pressures; here the right atrium receives deoxygenated blood from systemic
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Examples include being late, argument, exercise (voluntary or involuntary), etc. This triggers hyperventilation state, which triggers increase in respiratory rate, therefore supplying body with higher oxygen content; stimulate sympathetic release previously mentioned which releases cortisol, noradrenaline and adrenaline chemicals into the bloodstream, increasing cardiac output and total peripheral resistance, therefore increasing heart rate and blood pressure; which pumps more oxygen at a faster rate throughout the body. Shortly after, parasympathetic release will kick in and acute stress responses dissipate. Due to being short-term stress, there is no time for extensive irreparable damage to be done, but their post-stress symptoms present: muscular problems (like pulled muscles, tendons and ligaments leading to headaches, back pain), and post emotional stress like irritability, anger, anxiety or depression. [McGonagle,
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