Career And Development: The Five Stages Of Career Development

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Human cannot be separated from career life. Career is defined as “the combination and sequence of role played by a person during the course of a lifetime” (Super, 1980, p. 282). Career development focus on the growing and alternative choice when a person overcome with career issue in whole life span (Sharf, 2010). There are various roles played in different development stage. For example, after studying from school or university from the role as a student, people working as workers to earn money in workplace to support self and family’s every day spending. According to Super (1990), there are five major stages in career development throughout the life span, which are growth, exploration, establishment, maintenance and decline (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1). The first stage of career development is growth stage. The range age of the stage begins from birth until age of 14. According to Super, Savickas and Super (1996), during the growth stage, a person becomes focus on future, increasing of self-control in life, develop the awareness of achievement and acquiring the competency of working. The first sub-stage for growth stage is Fantasy stage which occurs at the age of 4 to 10 years. Children at this stage are dependent on their parents and they do role playing. Children start to develop self from attachment with parents and studying in school compound. The second sub-stage in growth stage is the Interest stage which occurs at age 11 to 12 years. Children at this age seek
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