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There are many career choices for young adults in the United States. Some require a college education, while others only require on the job training or a technical certification. One of those careers available to young adults is veterinarian. It is very important to thoroughly investigate any career choice. By researching the duties and tasks of a veterinarian; the education and training required to become a veterinarian; the salary and benefits of a veterinarian; and the employment outlook for a veterinarian, a better evaluation of this career choice can be made.
Veterinarians have many duties and tasks, and it depends on whether they deal with large animals or small animals. As a small animal vet, you may have to spay or neuter an animal,
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”curricula for these programs usually include courses such as veterinary immunology, advanced surgical techniques, veterinary physiology and zoological medicine” (). In order to obtain a valid veterinary license, you must have attended one of the 28 American Veterinary Medical Association-accredited schools of veterinary medicine. In addition, it is also a requirement to obtain a “DVM degree and successful completion of the comprehensive North American Veterinary Licensing Examination” (). Although this all may sound very overwhelming there is a greater reward in the end.
“A starting veterinarian makes up to $70,000-$80,000 a year” (Dr. Cheek, interview). As of May 2016, the reported average median predicted wages to the high $80,000 to the mid $$50,000 annual bracket income. It was also reported that in the end of the annual bracket averaged a little over $100,000. One of the benefits of being a veterinarian is that you have the pleasure of working with a variety of animals on a daily basis. This could be something that can be beneficial for someone who has a sincere passion and love for a true

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