Career Aspirations: A Career And Career Goals For A Career

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What is your purpose statement somehow a very straight forward question to be asked to an undergraduate who is on the edge of completing his undergraduate program and can see people around him carrying certificates with highest CGPAs and very nice resumes in their hands and highly skilled hands and minds full of knowledge. Frankly speaking it scares me and I am not ashamed to admit that sometimes I feel that I am irrelevant in this job market. Now a day there is a race among graduates to touch those so called magical numbers that have at least six zeros when calculating their salaries. Most of people think a suitable career is where they can make a lot of money. For some becoming a billionaire, is desired career while some think more positively and long for a Nobel Prize. But my priorities are different and in this materialistic age, excellence, command on my research field and leaving a great legacy fancy me more than anything and I want to be an explorer, a researcher and I have a career goal that I want to achieve in my life I will explain hereby what is my career goal and how I am going to achieve it and finally what difference my career aspirations are going to make someday. The goal or my aspiration is “To Change the World”. My path will be research in my major field biotechnology and hopeful impact will be a positive and healthy and well eaten world. I know right now this statement “To Change the World” sounds a little bit vague but I will explain it later that what a

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