Career Choice Among Students

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The unemployment problem is not a new issue and it has become a sensitive issue to people, especially students. This is because, unemployment is one of the major problem in the era of globalization that are increasingly spreading in the country. Every year Malaysian is shocked by the failure of the graduates to get a job. According to statistics released by the Department of Labor in January 2015, the unemployment rate in Malaysia is 3.1%. This unemployment rate increased by 0.1% compared to December 2014. While, the unemployment rate in January 2016 has gone up to 3.4%. An increase in the unemployment rate implied that graduates are unable to be employed and face difficulties to get the job that suits them.

Choosing a career becomes difficult
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Without careful planning, there is a possibility of the students facing the failure to choose a career that is suitable to fulfil their needs and interest. Therefore, one of the factors that make choosing a career become difficult is because students have no ability to relate the level of personality, interest and abilities with the right career choice (Sidek, 2002). Choosing the right career can produce a satisfaction for them in the future.

According to Amir (1983), there are three main challenges of occurrence of difficulties in making a career choice among students. Firstly, students have diverse interests, have no clear interest and do not have an interest at all. Secondly, students cannot define their own interest, abilities and personality and thirdly is due to lack of knowledge and information related to career (Amir,
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As a student who will graduate, the decision to choose a job is a responsibility that should be engaged. A student who will graduate will experience problem related to career choice to have the perfect fit. Some people mistakenly believe that only one perfect career exists for each individual. However, there are many careers that share the same characteristics. Instead of seeking one work path that seems like a perfect fit, it is important to investigate a variety of options that have features in common. Indeed, another problem related to career choice is the fear of failure. The element of the unknown often linger in our head in a search for the right career choice. A person may fear that she would not like the career once he commits to it. He may fear that his might not do a good job at it.

Due to problems related to career choices it is a common problem faced by the students after graduation thus, researcher want to study the factors that influence career choices among the students. This study is devoted to the undergraduate students in Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Kedah. Although there are many possibilities factors that can influence career choices among students but this study will only focus on the factors of parental influence, personality and personal
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