Career Cluster Survey Research Paper

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INTRODUCTION Some goals I have for this paper is for people to understand that people’s versions of things are not always going to be the what it is supposed to be and that people have opinions. Another goal is that people don’t judge this paper because it is not perfect, humans are not perfect. Lastly, my final goal for this paper is for it to be good enough for me to do more productive things. SURVEY RESULTS The basic survey results made a graph about what I am better at. They said I am better at learning new ways to do things, which I feel is true. But I feel that some of the jobs it said for me are too basic, I feel that they are not complex enough for what a good job is. A good job is one where you work hard and feel like you earned the money.…show more content…
Thanks to the more complex and personal questions I can have closer info because it allows for more accurate information. Because of this survey, it has helped me chose my job of wanting to be a statistician. If I did not have this survey I don’t think I would 've found as exact information. I feel the career cluster survey is one of the better ways to get info on things for you because of the better information. Career Choice For my career, I chose statistician. It can get a bit complicated to do, but I am up for a challenge. I feel it will good to have a challenge for work. Statisticians use information and put it in a more organized manner for other people to interpret better and easier. A statistician helps many companies big and small. High School When I go to high school, I will take classes that have me organize many things. Also, I will take classes that involve patience and thinking to help with whatever job i have in the future. While I take those classes I will also take band to learn how to stay focused on one thing without getting distracted. College
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