Career Development Assignment Paper

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Career Development Assignment
In the current competitive job marketplace, it is imperative for job candidates to effectively advertise their knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to their potential new employers to increase their chances of being selected for open positions. Creating strong job resumes and conducting valuable job searches are two methods candidates can master to improve their odds for receiving a job in a rewarding career field. This paper presents career development strategies for a nurse/healthcare manager in Colorado Springs, CO including: performing successful job searches, building effective resumes, and preparing for positive job interviews.
Job Searches
When conducting effective job searches, it is important
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Job resumes are short summaries of applicants’ careers that focus on those skills necessary for successful execution of the job they are applying for (CSU-Global Campus, 2015a). This job applicant chose to write a chronological resume because he or she possesses a consistent work record with few breaks in employment and has abundant work experience to market (CSU-Global Campus, 2015a). Also, this applicant selected this type of resume to emphasize his or her supervisory experience and work accomplishments (CSU-Global, 2015a). When drafting this resume, this applicant was specific regarding his or her work experience in order to adequately meet the requirements advertised in the job position. Therefore when building resumes, it is important for applicants to customize their work experience and skills to highlight their KSAs in order to match the requirements of the job positions they are…show more content…
Successfully mastering these career development components is crucial to being selected for job positions that are desirable to applicants. When applicants can effectively convey the KSAs they can bring to new job positions, employers will be much more likely to want to hire them into their
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