Career Development Event Planning Project Plan

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Unit 6- Business and Business Environment
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Assessment- Career Development Event Planning Project Plan

The primary aim of this research report is bringing awareness among the employer and employees with regards to career development. The term career development pertains to the process whereby employees plan, explore and make self-assessment of their work lives (Watt, D.C., 1998). Personal development requires that employees focus on career development since it aids them in identifying different opportunities that cater to their individual values, skills and interests (Goldblatt, J.J., 1997). Organizations these days strive to improve the career of their staff over a certain time period. However, certain
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1994). PMP can be a short summary or a detailed document containing baselines, subsidiary management plans and other related documents that are essential for the completion of the underlying project. While developing PMP, the main idea that should be kept in mind is that it is intended to deliver the broader scope of a project (Kerzner, H., 2002 and Turner, J.R., 2008). With regards to Career Services Ltd, the following project plan will fulfill its needs:
The main project plan is helping the organization in planning different career and personal development events in at least four reputable universities. Arranging such events would enable Career Services Ltd to promote career development of fresh graduates, students as well as professionals. For this purpose, the project plan would enable us to attain said initiatives. This section is based on identifying different PMP elements with regards to setting up career development events in educational institutions.
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• Purchasing stationery, making flyers and developing material for discussion sessions.
• Hiring qualified speakers in line with the aims and objectives of the company.

The total duration to carry out the aforementioned events will be eight months with two months gap between each event. The purpose is to acclimatize the staff with events schedule in order to attain full operational capacity during next year where the aim is to arrange 8 events spread across 12 months.
In order to properly implement quality control measures, research will be undertaken regarding industry standards. For this purpose, dedicated staff of two or three members will be hired whose sole responsibility will be to align event structure with industry leading practices.
Since event management requires creativity, innovation and improvisation, therefore, communication process will be highly decentralized so that the speakers and other concerned staff can develop effective and creative techniques for imparting knowledge to attendees.

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