Career Development Intervention

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The problem of ACU is that they have disordered and unstable staff “the reality of managing within a changing, unstable, severely understaffed organization” (Case Study Leading Change at Saint Theresa Hospital). Team building is an organizational development intervention that includes planned activities to enhance functioning of existing and integrated teams. According to Diane Rawlings (2000, p. 36), "current business trends of globalization, accelerated growth, and reengineering are requiring more cross-functional collaboration and integrated strategies across organizations". As an intervention, team building is simply a means to get either a new or poor performing group on track, generally with activities that strengthen those "peeking"…show more content…
Before implementing a career development intervention, management needs to consider three major challenges. Who will be responsible for career development? A lot of organizations have concluded that employee must take an active role in planning and implementing their personal plans for career path. Emphasis on career development. Too concerned about career development and enhancement can be detrimental to organizational effectiveness. Employee with an extreme careerist orientation can become more concerned about their status and image than performance. Diverse work force and career development. Because of barriers to advancement of women and minorities tend not to be obvious, they are difficult to identify and remove. Another employee group that need special consideration is dual-career couples. The most common organizational approaches to dealing with the needs of dual-career couples are flexible work schedules, offering of child-care services. These practices are not common, but they are…show more content…
Goal Setting will set a clear direction in which hospital is headed. It gives a guide to lead the way during times of confusion. It also lets others who are involved in the intervention get a better picture of what they are working towards and what is expected of them ("Goal Setting. What Do We Want?," 2006). Moreover, goal setting is a powerful way to increase organizational effectiveness and employee performance. Goals are usually a reflection of an organizational (or subunit) problem or of a desire to capture an opportunity to improve or advance the organization. They should be specific, measurable and time bounded.
Expected implementation challenges. Goal setting can cause an imbalance in life energy. Most goal setting programs cause a person to try too hard in getting the goal - instead of enjoying the process. While goal setting is advantageous to organizations, as well as employees, it is not an easy process to undertake. Managers sometimes underestimate the difficulty involved in setting goals. They are attracted to the benefits without understanding the

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