Career Essay: A Career As A Dental Assistant

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Dentists need dental assistants to help them with their daily duties. As with most jobs in the medical field, a dental assistant career in is demand. When good jobs are scarce, there will still be a demand for dental assistants. Most people want their teeth cleaned at least once a year, and dentists need assistance. When you work in a dental office, you may have several responsibilities. You may work with a general dentist or an orthodontist. Sometimes, dental assistants are in charge of billing and records. Their daily duties can depend on the work setting. If the dentist already has a secretary, the dental assistant may not have to perform secretarial duties. Dental Assistant Salaries In some cities, new dental assistants will start out …show more content…

If you want to be a dental assistant, you should attend a reputable training program. A reputable program will offer classes in dental procedures, x-rays, anesthesia and instrument sterilization. A dental assistant should know how to collect payments and manage dental records. Working with Dental Patients Dental assistants usually work directly with dental patients. They remove sutures, and they educate patients on the importance of dental care. Dental assistants are skilled professionals, and they must have intense training. A dental assistant can learn important information in a classroom setting, but all dental assistants should have practical experience in a clinical setting. Required Coursework and Exams Most dental schools want their students to have a high school diploma. The students must have a thorough understanding of basic biology and chemistry. The students may have to pass an entrance exam. When you are accepted into a dental program, you will have to complete a radiology training course. When you complete your coursework, you will qualify for dental certifications. DANB Certification

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