Career Essay: A Career As A Physical Assistant

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Athletic, humorous, and respectful. These are a few words I would use to describe myself. I have been attending Udall High School for thirteen years now and it has been an amazing school. The teachers become your friends and your friends become your family. My parents are Chad and Shandra Tharp and they have three children, Samantha, Elizabeth, and myself. Both my parent’s families have grown up in Udall, so I feel like Udall is a part of me. I am currently working at Sonic Drive-In and plan on working there through the first two years of college. My plans for college is to attend Cowley County Community College and receive requirements for a physical therapist assistant. If I am still interested in the career field after Cowley, I…show more content…
Some people think, it is just a sport, but really, it teaches you valuable life skills. My athletics have taught me leadership, communication skills, and confidence in myself. Being an upperclassman I have to take charge and be the leader of the team. With my career I have chosen, I have to have many of these qualities. To be a physical therapist, you have to have faith in your patient’s, just like I have to in my teammates to know that they can do the job. This career choice takes effort and time. The schooling of a physical therapist is four years of college and then another three years for on-hand training and experience. I have been taking a health science class to give me a head start in this field. This class gives me the basics on health care careers like the different agencies and the rights of the patients. I became interested in this field when I had to go through the rehabilitation process, but I was not the only person in my family that had to go through this process, my sister and my mom have had knee surgeries and I was always willing to help out. I became even more interested when I was enrolled in a biology class and was able to know the bones in the body and the system functions of the body. In the class, I understood the concept very easily and was willing to learn even more.

Commitment to a career can be hard, especially when the career choice takes as much schooling as
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