Ramzy's Fashion Career

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For Ramzy, working in fashion doesn't seem like a career choice, but a fate that he could not resist. Sri Lankan born stylist and creative director, made his dream came true in Australia after migrated to Melbourne in … (year?) As well as some of the publications featuring his work include …… (magzines etc.?) He notes that his career has been a journey with many lessons learned, attesting that nothing comes easily. We asked him to share few words about himself and his styling experiences in the fashion industry so far. Read on and get to know his fabness. Enjoy. The journey of finding the perfect profession can start at a very early age: first as a hobby that later, supported by studies, can grow into something bigger than just pure curiosity…show more content…
They think being a stylist is just dress up people and having fun in front of the camera. But behind the camera there are failures with learned lesson. Being a fashion stylist is such a power full place where you connect with many people and able to create something that special which is involving in PR, marketing and brand awareness for any given brand. That’s why the designers select to work with well known fashion stylist. Your fashion brand “Styled by Ramzy” has very unique concepts; can you tell a bit more about it? ‘Styled By Ramzy” was created to cater for any individual to any fashion brand. We are specialized in Celebrity Styling, styling for Movies, TV shows and commercial. We make an audience to any brand/designer who chose us by blogging, doing PR and more brand awareness with advertising through us to give a platform to shine and to make their brand stand out. What should we expect from Ramzy in the near future? We are planning to come up with our own clothing label developing our unique concepts. Also launching an international fashion magazine where all can get updated information about fashions around the world. What has been your greatest achievement in the fashion world? It’s having this business. Especially when I see our hard work has paid off. And it’s the greatest feeling ever when I see the smile on my parents for my success. How can people reach you for your

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