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I have always been unsure when it comes to a choosing a career for myself. Whether it be a nurse, a doctor, a counselor, or even an engineer, I have never been able to come to a compromise on the “right” career path. One thing that has always been clear to me is that whatever career I choose in the future, I want to be able to impact a person 's life everyday. Recently, I have been thinking about what profession could help me accomplish this lifelong goal, and I have come to a decision. The career path I have chosen is a degree in psychology. Psychologists see new people everyday and help them find their own reasons to live life to the fullest, help their patients develop coping skills for their unique situations, and work hard to help make…show more content…
Not being able to cope with certain situations in my life, turned to many problems and made it hard to live, happily. After receiving therapy with a certified psychologist for almost nine years, my outlook on life has completely transformed. I have learned how to confront my emotions in a healthy way and how to have a positive attitude towards my day, regardless of the trials that life throws at me. I have been able to develop a character that others have called selfless, caring, and determined to help others.The influence of a psychologist 's help has exponentially heightened my interest in aiding people in dealing with difficult situations and inspired me to pursue a degree in…show more content…
Psychology plays a huge role in changing society and how individuals look at life. I believe this career path can make an impact on lives that are struggling daily, such as I did. With a psychologist 's help, I was able to cope with the negative aspects in my day, and be optimistic towards life, along with providing advice for others who may also be struggling. My ambition is to perform life defining acts with my words and advice, and as a psychologist, I believe this is possible through my ability to listen and be empathetic towards others. James Frey once stated, “A miracle is changing someone’s life. Freeing them from whatever bonds them. Giving them the gift of being able to live the way they dream of living.’’If I am chosen as a recipient of The Gaylon Raney Memorial Scholarship, I believe I could change lives, help people grow to be loving and caring, and allow myself to give back to others on a daily basis. I feel that as a psychologist, performing miracles is something I could accomplish, as I help transform people into the best version of themselves, just as I was once guided in my own personal

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