Career Essay: A Career Path To Meaning A Career

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I have always been unsure when it comes to a choosing a career for myself. Whether it be a nurse, a doctor, a counselor, or even an engineer, I have never been able to come to a compromise on the “right” career path. One thing that has always been clear to me is that whatever career I choose in the future, I want to be able to impact a person 's life everyday. Recently, I have been thinking about what profession could help me accomplish this lifelong goal, and I have come to a decision. The career path I have chosen is a degree in psychology. Psychologists see new people everyday and help them find their own reasons to live life to the fullest, help their patients develop coping skills for their unique situations, and work hard to help make patients who they are by using their strengths. The difference a psychologist can make can truly change a life for the better. The impact I have experienced with a psychologist personally, has been immense. The changes I saw in myself due to the influence of therapy, was extremely appealing. The positive impression that therapy and psychology have had in my life has led me in this metamorphic pursuit to change lives. This scholarship would help me avoid financial burden throughout my post-secondary endeavors. I’m solely responsible for my college education due to the fact that my mother is a single parent of two children, while living on a teachers salary. I would be beyond grateful and honored to receive such a notable scholarship as

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