Career Essay: Mental Health Therapy As A Perfect Career

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Mental Health Therapy is an ideal career for those who can easily relate to people and understand what they go through. A mental health therapist usually talks to and helps everyday people with mental issues and regular issues that affect their everyday lives. Therapists also help and solve marriage and family problems. Mental health therapy is a good job for those who enjoy helping other people when they are struggling with their issues. Although this may be a stressful job, a mental health therapist can set their own hours and meet with patients in a comfortable and safe environment.
There are many people who need help with problems, such as marriage problems, or family problems, but according to, which is a statistics website for mental illnesses, approximately 1 and 5 adults in the U.S. experience mental illness in a year, and approximately 1 and 5 children experience a severe
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“Mental health counselors work in a variety of settings such as substance abuse centers, and some and private practices.” (Bureau of Labor and Statistics). Private practices are a therapist’s own business, they make their own hours, have their own place to see patients.Trish Berryman, who has been a mental health therapist for over 5 years says that there are many pros and cons to working in different environments like hospitals and private practices. Some pros and cons for working in a private practice is that you make your own hours but you do have to pay for everything else, for example, if you have employees, you have to pay their salary or offer health insurance if you would like to. Some pros and cons of working in a hospital is that you get paid monthly or weekly on the day that you are supposed to get paid, and a con is that someone dictates your hours, so you would have to come into work at whatever time they want you to come
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