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The career I have chosen is taxidermy. The results that I had gotten for my Interest Inventory test was artistic, realistic, than investigative. The results do fit me because I have practiced drawing since 6th grade, I have been good at building things, and I have mainly been at the top of my geometry class. Some other characteristics I have for this job is that I’m not easily grossed out, do not faint at the sight of blood, and I like to get down and dirty when I have to. I also am an animal lover. Biology, different mathematics, english, and art will help prepare me for my taxidermy career. The art, sculpture, woodworking, and creative writing clubs are good school activities that will make me better prepared for my career choice. I can study hard, not goof off, and always attend school to get myself ready for…show more content…
The places that taxidermists usually work in are usually really dirty, there is blood everywhere and the smell of death is always in the air. The average salary for taxidermy is $48,200. Taxidermists have to work 7 days a week. Two other career options I have if this one doesn’t work for me are being a graphic design artist, and being a kennel owner. My first school choice is Pennsylvania Institute of Taxidermy Inc, it is located at 118 Industrial Pk Rd in Ebensburg. They offer many degrees, some are law, music, medical, and taxidermy. The first year cost of tuition, room, and board is $29,576. There are 12 students enrolled at the Institute. There are no extracurricular activities because this is a Tech school. My second school choice is Montgomery Community College, it is located at 1011 Page St. in Troy, NC. Some other degrees are gunsmithing, criminal justice, and dental assisting. The cost of the tuition, room, and board would be $21,630. There are 863 students currently enrolled. The math club and video game club interests

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