Career Essay On Automotive Technician

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Working in an automotive field means handwork and dedication. You have to start from the bottom and work your way up. To become an automotive technician you must go to school for at least two years to get your associates degree, to get hired into a small shop.At this job you cannot be lazy, you have to keep moving all the time to get things done. There are several positions in an automotive field such as General services, general maintenance technician, automotive technician aka master tech, service writer and store manager and each of them have a different duty. Automotive technicians can be a boy or a girl and can work on almost any type of vehicle if they have the right qualification. February, 2nd 2016 I started working at one of the automotive workshops. They hired me as a general service. As a general service, my duty is to change tires, do an oil change, fix a flat repair and cleaning. Automotive technicians often work indoors that are usually noisy and very dusty. The downfall of being a mechanic is that it has a high risk of injury than most other jobs. But that didn 't stop me. My first assignment as to change tires. It did not go well, I accidentally punctured a tire instead of changing it, it was a terrible day for…show more content…
In the automotive industry is like a battlefield, with mechanics and repairs shops known to try to make an extra buck or two by selling customers parts they don 't know they don;t need and overcharging them for it, and many customers trying to balance their budget, it goes back and forth. In the end, however, the winner is usually the mechanic. us mechanics and customers usually don 't get along when coming to selling parts for cars. Most customers scare that us mechanic is going to cheat on them by selling unnecessary parts to them but it 's not true we don 't cheat on them, a car is a complex machine and most people don 't even know the basics of how it works and so they don 't know what 's actually is going on with
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